Şişecam is the world’s and Europe’s second largest producer of glassware. The Company boasts a strong distribution network, an extensive range of products and exceptional production capabilities.

In 1935, Şişecam began producing 100% handmade glassware from soda glass at its first plant located in Beykoz. In 1955, Şişecam adopted machine production, marking the first stage of today’s automated production technology. In 1974, Şişecam began producing heat-resistant glassware.

Recording its first exports in 1961, Şişecam rapidly expanded its production capacity as a result of its export-driven growth strategy while also meeting growing demand in the domestic market between 1980 and 2000. In addition to Turkey, Şişecam currently maintains production operations in Bulgaria, the Russian Federation and Egypt.

Şişecam focuses on meeting the needs of three key segments household, catering, and industrial with over 10,000 different products, specializing in automated production as well as handmade products, with its Paşabahçe brand.

In addition to Paşabahçe, one of Turkey’s most popular consumer brands, Şişecam’s brand portfolio includes Nude, Borcam and Zestglass. Today, Şişecam has a huge customer base across 140 countries with its global production of glassware.